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NLLN is the largest of Minnesota's seven multi-county, multitype library cooperative systems. 
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Northern Lights Library Network Membership MapNLLN includes 278 members

in  23 counties  of North-west, North-central, and West-central Minnesota.  We work at the grassroots level, to bring together all types of libraries and collections in the region to discover, enhance, and share resources through administrative, technological, and educational support.

NLLN is mandated by Minnesota Statute 134.351 and funded by the Minnesota State Legislature, through the Minnesota Department of Education.

The main purpose of Northern Lights Library Network is to make all libraries in the region stronger.

Libraries are attractive, welcoming places that are friendly, open, inclusive, accessible, innovative, and a source of community pride where people can go to learn what they need to know in order to thrive and grow in their communities. When libraries work together, communities grow stronger, and the lives of all Minnesotans are enriched.

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